When Love Came To The Cartoon Kid

When Love Came To The Cartoon Kid by Siegfried Baber

“Full of memorable lines delivered with sure-footed economy, this is a debut that arrives with the confident swagger of one to watch. When Love Came To The Cartoon Kid leads us through a motley of skewed tales from alternative worlds, inhabited by jilted Wonder Women, a Coke-swigging Lee Harvey Oswald, gurning cuckolds and gutted rabbits. Cocky indicator of even better things to come, Baber sets down his impressive marker: an Armitage for Generation Tweet.”

– Martin Malone

When Love Came To The Cartoon Kid is an assured debut, demonstrating a range of subject matter and poetic skills, particularly in sharp observation and an ear for rhythm. The conversational tone lends an intimacy, as if the poet is telling stories to a fellow passenger on a bus or a friendly stranger in a pub, but also underlines how carefully the poems have been put together.”

– Emma Lee (read full review)

“The absolute stand-out poem of the thirteen is highly personal in tone… Baber skilfully makes use of the situation to draw out the full ambivalence of the relationship between intimacy and claustrophobia, care and cruelty.”

– David Clarke in Sabotage Reviews (read full review)

May 2015, ISBN  978-0-9928555-2-9

When Love Came To The Cartoon Kid – Siegfried Baber  – £4 plus 50p postage (UK)
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