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Telltale Press (2014 – 2018) was a collective of poets: Robin Houghton and Peter Kenny (co-founders), Sarah Barnsley, Siegfried Baber and Jess Mookherjee. We published short, first poetry pamphlets and help develop and support one another to move forward with our poetry careers. Our ethos was based on proactivity and a spirit of co-operation and self-help, rather than competition. We were fortunate to have an experienced poet – Catherine Smith – helping us as Associate Editor.

Our pamphlets were designed to be ‘calling cards’ – small promotional vehicles, if you like, for a poet’s work; a springboard for bigger things. We worked on the basis of shared responsibility which we felt was fair, sustainable and emotionally satisfying. Our guiding principles were to publish promptly, to take equal responsibility in the success of the press, and to produce high quality pamphlets that were designed, produced and printed in the UK.

Eventually we needed to make space for new projects. Telltale has ended, but we all learnt a great deal from it and we are all thriving as poets and writers in our post-Telltale lives.

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