Robin Houghton

Robin Houghton Robin Houghton is a founder member of Telltale Press. She has been published widely in magazines including Poetry News, The Rialto, Mslexia, Brittle Star, Prole, Ink, Sweat & Tears and Antiphon. Her poetry pamphlet is The Great Vowel Shift.

She won the 2012 New Writer poetry competition, the 2013 Hamish Canham Prize from the Poetry Society and the 2014 Stanza Competition, the latter with a poem that was nominated for the Forward Prize for Best Single Poem.

By day she is an online communications specialist  – she has an MA in Digital Media (distinction) from the University of Sussex. She has written three commissioned books on blogging, as well as countless blog posts, magazine articles, marketing brochures and websites.

In the past, Robin held international marketing roles with Adidas and Nike, and before that was a freelance fitness instructor. Apart from writing, she enjoys singing with her choir, the Lewes Singers, and living by the sea.


The Great Vowel Shift (Telltale, 2014)

The Golden Rules of Blogging (and when to break them) (Ilex/ F + W, 2015)

Blogging for Writers (Ilex/ F + W, 2014)

Blogging for Creatives (Ilex/ F + W, 2012)

Where to find Robin

Robin Houghton Poetry – a blog about poetry goings-on – events, rejections, successes and everything in between

Robin Houghton Communications – main business website

LinkedIn  |  Twitter

The Last

They’ve been coming since posters were invented:
sometimes in dreams, to the tipping of cowboy hats

or dressed in Liverpool shirts. Each one appeared
in my diary, in code. My mother wouldn’t explain,

I couldn’t ask. And still they would come, insistent.
They left my body as they found it: I never wanted

them to stay, or change things. It’s been a while since
I wrote a diary. I don’t know how many there were,

I wasn’t counting. Too busy getting on with
the business of getting on. For the last, though,

I would have thrown a party, marked the occasion
in some way, worn something red, if I had known.


from The Great Vowel Shift (2014). First published in The Rialto 75 (2012).

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