A new kind of poetry publisher…

Telltale Press is a poets’ publishing collective. That means we (the members) share all the tasks, responsibilities, decisions and successes of the press: we are poets who have seized the means of poetry production. It’s a team effort.

2016 has already brought us a wonderful boost – Poet Laureate Dame Carol Ann Duffy has agreed to become our Patron, as a show of solidarity for what we’re doing.

We hope you will support us by coming to one of our readings, talking us up to your friends and of course, buying our pamphlets, which are all £4how reasonable is that?

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Click on the cover images to see our pamphlets:

When Love Came To The Cartoon Kid by Siegfried Baber The Great Vowel Shift by Robin Houghton The Nightwork by Peter Kenny The Fire Station by Sarah Barnsley

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Robin, Peter, Siegfried and Sarah